Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How to buy long term care insurance

How to Buy Long Term Care Insurance [LTCi]

Knowing that you have taken proactive steps today to plan for tomorrow helps relieve the financial burden of extended care... for you and your family.

Protect your assets, independence and peace of mind

Thanks to advances in medicine, retirees are living longer, more independent lives. As a
result, an increasing number of those who are age 65 and older will require long-term care. Although many people assume Medicare will cover this expense, it often doesn’t.

That’s why a growing number of retirees are turning to long-term care insurance to protect their futures. Coverage for nursing home care, home health care or both helps you maintain control of where you will receive care, and it protects your life’s savings from the high cost of services.


When you're recovering from an injury or illness, it's comforting for you to know that you have choices when it comes to your care, including the option to receive care in the comfort of you own home. Long Term Care doesn't need to cost you an arm and a leg, there is protection designed specifically for home and facility care needs lasting a year or less.

  1. Helps to maintain control of where and how care is received
  2. Can help protect assets and personal savings from the high cost of Long-Term Care
  3. Helps preserve quality of life, specially in retirement
  4. Helps relieve the burden of care from loved ones
  5. To gain access to a professional care coordinator in a time of crisis
  6. Helps with planning for the future
  7. To help maintain independence
  8. Medicare generally only covers a portion of long-term care on a limited basis
  9. Covers some custodial care, which is one of the primary needs when dealing with a chronic illness or cognitive impairment
  10. Helps avoid reliance on government long-term care programs such as Medicaid
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