Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Final Expense Insurance

With the average funeral cost around $10,000, making final arrangements for a loved one is one of the largest expenses a family will face today. Final expense insurance provides seniors with the peace of mind that when they pass, their loved ones will not be burdened with high funeral expenses or burial expenses.

Final expense insurance for seniors can be a life saver to families whose savings may already be depleted due to nursing home care, long term care, hospital stays or hospice care. Through final expense insurance, seniors can offer financial protection to their families for just pennies on the dollar.

Agents (like myself) working with prestigious companies like Lincoln Heritage help families prepare for the difficult times ahead by assisting them in the selection of final expense insurance for their loved ones. Through proactive final expenses planning with a Symmetry Financial Group, families can rest assured that the high cost of funeral expenses and burial expenses associated with a loved one’s passing will not become a burden down the road.

With aging baby boomers expected to double America’s senior population to 71-million by the year 2030, the current demand for insurance for seniors is steadily increasing, and the need for final expense insurance is on the rise!

Prepare for the future before it's too late and protect your family, contact me today.

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Holly Murs said...

I haven't heard about this type of insurance. There are lots of insurance types that are offered by insurance companies today, that covers long term care and other expensive services needed for elder care. I believe that all of it is constructed for the benefit of our love ones. Ltcoptions is an advocate of protecting the quality of life of our elderly through insurance.Long term care insurance are now getting expensive and will somehow be difficult to obtain, hope this final expense insurance will somehow cover ltc.